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To know the status of the buddy just enter the yahoo id of your buddy (ex:- ymhunt)

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About ymhunt.com and usage

We providing a service to scan the yahoo id of your buddy
It can detect IDs on all available yahoo open source chat messengers.

Why the user use this service?

When you logon to your yahoo messenger some buddy status is seem as offline but it is set as invisible to your id only for others it is available online, if you want to know he is really offline or invisible to you check that buddy id here it will show you he is really offline or online.

Why should I use this?

It is very simple to use, the user id you entered once is saved in to your browser cookies to scan it again when you revisit this website.

User can pay any fee to use this service or register to this service?

We are providing this service free and there is no need to register.

User will know my id if i scan my yahoo friend id ?

User will not know at all, he does not know some body is scanning his id online.

We have to login in yahoo messenger to use this service?

No, you can use this service with out login into yahoo messenger.

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